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  • steel blade
  • professional
  • Best quality
  • brand nova

Prodoct: hair clipper
Brand:  nova
Usage: easy to use
Blade: Steel Blade
Design: new
Pattern: Professional
Quality guarantee
Battery: High Efficient Charge Battery Inside
Delivery Time: – 2 to 5 day
Professional hair clipper
Cordless, easy to use nova trimmer
Durable + sharp adjustable razor
Built-in high-performance rechargeable battery
High cutting performance micro processor regulated cutting speed
Precise steel blades to ensure accurate and precise cutting
Sharp blade, endurance
Used wirelessly, onvenient to operate
High efficient charging battery inside
Discharge 45 minutes continuously after charging
After use, place it on the charging socket, the indicator light will show,
Input: 220-240 50Hz / 60Hz 3w

Note: Due to light, the photo may be slightly foggy but the prodoct will be of full quality. If you buy more than one vest, it will be mixed.

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Weight 0.220 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 5 cm

Black, Orange