30-Day-Guarantee on welldone mart

Return and refund Policy

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Please read this policy carefully. This is a return and refund policy

Welldone Mart. A Return and Refund Policy has been formulated for the Welldone Mart.Physical product

Physical products are products that you use by purchasing from us. and you get this only after paying the price of the product. we sell the product only after testing the entire quality and thorough testing. we do not ship to customers until the product meets our standard. we pack the product well and then ship it by stamping it. The product is fully packing. No corners or spaces are left open. If you find the product in an open or damaged state, contact us immediately on the contact form or call this number 8619916132. you should take special care that the product should be fully packed whenever there is delivery,

Return and refund Policy

  • We ship the product after a thorough investigation, however for some reason the product is defective or has a color problem, you can return it. You will be shipped a new product. There will be no charge on that.
    On the other hand, if you want to send the product back and get a refund, in that case we accept it, for this you will have to fulfill some of our conditions which are as follows, only then we are able to refund you.
    (1) If you find the product in a damaged condition then you take a picture of it and send it to us, it should be within 1 hour of delivery. for this you can email us at this email address.  [email protected] Or you can also WhatsApp us on WhatsApp. For this you can WhatsApp us by going to Whatsapp below. (2) You must send the product to us within 21 days for product refund.
    (3) To get a refund, you have to provide your bank details, along with the ifsc code. Your wallet number can also be taken from Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm etc. for this, you have to tell us how you want to take payment. After this process we will refund your full payment to you.
    To keep your faith on us, we constantly try to improve. Thank you for shopping with us. Have a nice shopping.
    -If you have any questions about our returns and refund policy, please contact
    30-Day-Guarantee on welldone mart
    30-Day-Guarantee on welldone mart
  • By phone number: +918619916132
  • Email: [email protected]                                                                                         
  • By visiting this page on our website: contact form
  • Contact whatsapp

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